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Legal Research Guide

This guide is designed as practical, self-guided tool intended to facilitate your legal research through the most relevant, quality and reliable sources.

UN Library at Geneva

The UNOG Library maintains and provides access to international law resources to support your legal research.
This guide is designed as practical tool intended to facilitate your research through the most relevant, quality and reliable sources. Please, discover and use the wealth of information resources provided by the library. Librarians would also be happy to assist you further.

New and Featured Resources

Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law

Access full-text online editions of market-leading reference works and treatises such as Oppenheim's International Law, and the Oxford Commentaries on International Law. Browse, search and move between references and case reports as well as further commentary and analysis.

Language of Peace is an innovative tool to search provisions of Peace Agreements. Designed to meet the needs of mediators, drafters, conflict parties and other stakeholders, it provides easy access to compare and collate language on key issues across 75,000+ provisions of around 1,000 peace agreements.

New version of the UN's diplomatic conferences web site

This website provides access to the official records of a series of diplomatic conferences, convoked by the United Nations in order to negotiate and adopt several treaties based on drafts worked out by the International Law Commission and considered by the Sixth (Legal) Committee of the General Assembly.

New feature: French versions (where available) of official records and full-text search in English or French

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