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Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Children and Youth: Videos

Videos on human rights for children and youth in English, 中文 (Chinese), Français ( French) and на русском (Russian)

In English for children:

Everybody (4:18)
Published by Frances Lincoln with Amnesty International UK

The 30 Articles of Human Rights (2:30)
Directed/edited/created by Ani Boghossian 

Winner of the Jury Award at the Human
Rights Film competition
organized by UN Armenia in December 2011.

What is a human right? (1:44)
En anglais avec 
sous-titres français

What is a treaty body? (1:22)
En anglais avec 
sous-titres français

What is the Human Rights Council? (1:22)
En anglais avec 
sous-titres français

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1:52)
Animation by the Children's Rights Alliance, 2007

What are child rights? (3:04)

By UNICEF Australia

Hello children - Learn about children's rights! (6:37)

By UNICEF Malaysia and DiGi

In English for youth and adults:


Universal Declaration of Human Rights (6:10)   

Do children's rights matter? (8:23)
 By Children's Rights Alliance 



The rights of the child in sand painting series:  
Rights of every child (1:40)

The rights of the child in sand painting series: 
Parents' responsibility for the
upbringing and development
of the child and appropriate
assistance from the State

The rights of the child in sand painting series: 
Care and protection of children (1:22)

Civil rights: everyone is born equal (0:29)



En français

C’est quoi, la Déclaration universelle des
droits de l’homme ? (1:42)

Scénario: Isabelle Poullau; Dessins: Jacques Azam
Une coproduction Milan Presse et France

Les droits humains en deux minutes (2:33)

La video est destinée aux jeunes
de 13 à 20 ans et a vocation
à être utilisée dans le contexte
Par AmnestySchweiz



На русском


Права детей в мультиках (4:53)

Автор Котова Янина Владимировна

Права детей (2:58)

Автор Савельева Е.А.
Фильм-участник "Фестиваля
образовательных роликов в МБДОУ 
"Детский сад №1"2016 г.

Азбука прав ребенка
Серия выпусков