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Disarmament: Global Issues

Lists UN Organs dealing with disarmament as well as tools to find UN documents

Disarmament at UNOG

The Palais des Nations is a center venue for international diplomacy in this field. It is home to the Conference on Disarmament - the sole multilateral disarmament negotiating body - and provides, through the Geneva Branch of the Office for Disarmament Affairs, substantive and organisational support to a wide range of multilateral disarmament agreements.


Main UN Organs

Established in 1945 under the Charter of the United Nations, the General Assembly occupies a central position as the chief deliberative, policymaking and representative organ of the United Nations. [UNGA and disarmament

The Disarmament and International Security Committee, one of six main committees of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), deals with disarmament and related international security questions.
              - Documents of the last Session (decisions, meeting reports…)
              - Relevant documents of the previous sessions (since 1998).

Special meeting of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) convened to deal exclusively with issues related to arms control and disarmament.

The Security Council has primary responsibility, under the Charter, for the maintenance of international peace and security.[UNSC and disarmament]

Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1540 (2004)

UN Offices, Institutes and Programmes

The UNODA promotes the goal of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation and the strengthening of the disarmament regimes in respect to other weapons of mass destruction, chemical and biological weapons. It also promotes disarmament efforts in the area of conventional weapons, especially land mines and small arms, which are the weapons of choice in contemporary conflicts.

A selection of UN Documents: The UNODA Documents Library is a specialized archive that provides quick and direct access to United Nations disarmament-related documents in one convenient location starting from the 56th GA Session
Publications: Consult UNODA publications, including United Nations Disarmament Yearbook (since 2002) and UNODA Update Quaterly (since 1998)
Educational Resources: Resources for learning on disarmament, including "Disarmament: a basic guide" (PDF)

UNOG is a central venue for international diplomacy in this field. It is home to the Conference on Disarmament - the sole multilateral disarmament negotiating body - and provides, through the Geneva Branch of the Office for Disarmament Affairs, substantive and organizational support to a wide range of multilateral disarmament agreements. Information related to: Anti-personal Landmines Convention, Biological Weapons Convention, the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, Convention on Cluster Munitions.

The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research is an autonomous institute within the United Nations and conducts research on disarmament and security with the aim of assisting the international community in their disarmament thinking, decisions and efforts. Through its research projects, publications, small meetings and expert networks, UNIDIR promotes creative thinking and dialogue on the disarmament and security challenges of today and of tomorrow.

Publications: Find the UNIDIR publications “Disarmament Forum” in full-text (in English or in French). This publication is also available in the UNOG Library, in the Periodicals Room.
 Books and reports: You can find some books and reports, many in full-text. Some of these can be found in the UNOG Library collections.
Bibliographies: Selected publications and activities focusing on specific subjects, such as small arms or space security, can be found on the website (at the bottom of the page).

UNDP is the UN's global development network, an organization advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life.

 Programme: Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR). Through disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) interventions, UNDP seeks to support peace processes and enhance security to facilitate recovery and development.
Information: Armed violence prevention, Cluster munitions, Mine action, Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Control

United Nations Office of Legal Affairs provides a unified central legal service for the Secretariat and the principal and other organs of the United Nations and contribute to the progressive development and codification of international public and trade law.

UN regional centres

Provides "substantive support for the initiatives and other activities of the Member States of the  [...] region for the implementation of measures for peace and disarmament and for the promotion of economic and social development" (A/41/60).

The UN General Assembly entrusted the Regional Centre with the mandate of providing the Member States of the African region, at their request, with substantive support for initiatives and other efforts geared towards the implementation of measures of peace, arms limitation and disarmament, in cooperation with the AU and other sub-regional organizations.

The Centre promotes dialogue and confidence-building in disarmament and regional security-related matters.

Disarmament Research Guides

Tools to find UN documents

A rich source of historical knowledge of developments, trends and achievements of multilateral disarmament for more than 30 years.

Quick access to documents symbols/sales numbers for selected UN materials since 1946.

Access to full text official UN documents since 1993. All resolutions since 1946.

Catalogue of United Nations documents and publications indexed by the UN Dag Hammarskjöld Library and the Library of the UN Office at Geneva.

Voting records for all General Assembly and Security Council resolutions. Links to the full text of resolutions are provided.

Citations to speeches made in the GA, the SC, the ECOSOC, the Trusteeship Council (since 1983). Links to the full text of speeches are provided.

Principal reference work of the UN providing a detailed overview of the Organization's activities.


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