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Technology impacts the way we work, communicate and live together.

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Dear Reader,

do you see any article in the UN News on the left that is related to technology?

Probably you do, as technology impacts the way we work, communicate and live together.

The right feed from the Wired Science is published under the theme 'What’s new on the front lines of science, from deep space to DNA sequencing'. These new technologies will probably soon leave the research laboratories as products or algorithms will deployed in wide scale on computer systems. The open question is, however, how technologies will impact our lives, societies and the international structure.

This disarmament research guide was conceptualized such that it gives an overview on different developments around science and emerging technologies with positive or negative consequences on arms control, international security and disarmament.

This includes Categories of Emerging Technologies, Resources by Topic such as the convergence of technologies and policy-implications but also Featured Books, Articles & Databases, compilations of UN Documents and Organs and links to further Websites.

Technology is ever changing – this guide as well. 

Please help us improve it and send any comments to the guide or recommendations for further resources and RSS feeds that we might add.

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