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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Overview of journal articles available in the UN  Library at Geneva print and electronic collections on the UDHR : 

Journal Articles on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 
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Articles written by Librarians and Archivists of UN Library at Geneva

Article presenting a selection of books on the drafting history of the UDHR:

"The Library Corner" by Cristina Giordano (UNOG Library), in: UN Special, no. 670 (février 2008), pp. 15-16.

Article about the drafters of the UDHR:

"Les protagonistes de la déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme"  by Béatrice Ory (UNOG Library/Archives), in: UN Special, no. 670 (février 2008), p. 14.

Article about the exhibition organized by the UNOG Library and Archives in 2008:

"La Déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme: archives, 1947-1966" by Cristina Giordano and Blandine Blukacz-Louisfert (UNOG Library/Archives), in: UN Special, no. 679 (décembre 2008).