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Remote Access: EZ Proxy

Remote access is available to staff whose assigned offices are in the Palais des Nations (UNOG, UNCTAD, UNECE, etc.) or at UNHCR

EZ Proxy has been replaced

EZ Proxy has been replaced by OpenAthens


As of April 2022, the Library has completed switched IT systems for remote access to our e-resources.
EZ Proxy has been retired and is no longer functional, which will mean that any bookmarks you saved to resources that are older than December 2021 will need to be updated.

For reference:

  • The previous system was EZ Proxy.
  • The current system is OpenAthens.

OpenAthens has been configured to work with Microsoft Azure Authentication, which means most staff (with some exceptions e.g. UNHCR & ILC staff) will have automatic access.


Staff With Emails

You will sign in when prompted as before, but instead of seeing the EZ Proxy page, you will instead see a page for OpenAthens.

Azure Authentication is the same system you use when signing into MS Outlook in a web browser.
When signing into OpenAthens you will be re-directed to Azure sign in.

Other Staff (e.g. UNHCR and ILC Members & Assistants)

UNHCR and ILC member & assistants must sign in with Personal Accounts.

We have already migrated the credentials of those UNCHR staff who had access in our old system ("EZ Proxy").
They have been send emails about the change to OpenAthens.

ILC member accounts were migrated into OpenAthens in early 2022.

For such staff without a Personal Account account already, please request one here.


Bookmarked Links

EZ Proxy no longer works as of April 14th 2022.
Any of your old bookmarks that redirect through EZ Proxy URLs will need to be updated by you.

Have Any Questions / Issues?

If you experience any difficulties accessing our e-resources remotely then please either consult our help page, or let us know at




Ask Us

OpenAthens - Technical Difficulties


Some minor issues should be expected with Brill and Oxford resources.

However we are working with the vendors to rectify the issues.

In the meantime, we can provide workaround access to content on request.

Have you experienced a technical difficulty with OpenAthens?

Please let us know here!