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Chronology of the Library

Mandate of the UN Library&Archives Geneva

  1. A/C.5/298 (1949): Library policy and Library organization – functions of the Geneva Library and of the one in New York ; funding (regular budget and Library Endowment fund)
  2. A/RES/354(IV) (1949): Budget appropriations for the financial year 1949 – GA resolution on the document above
  3. [ST/Geneva/]MUN/592 (1968): The United Nations Library at Geneva : historical background – see “functions” (p.3) – Mentions the transfer of the LoN Archives to the Library in 1958 and the funds offered by the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace in 1965 for a 3-year study to develop a classification plan for the archives and establishing rules for access and use
  4. ST/IC/Geneva/4472 (1999): Information circular : nomination – enlargement of the scope of Library activities to cover a) UNOG cultural policy b) co-ordination of archives policy at the UNOG c) management of the UNOG Working Committee on Publications
  5. ST/IC/Geneva/4612 (2000): Archival reform at UNOG – Creation of the Registry, Records and Archives Unit, which brings the LoN and the UNOG Registry together under the Library (Blandine chief of this new Unit)
  6. ST/IC/Geneva/2001/55 (2001): Archives and Records Management of the United Nations Office at Geneva

Selected documents and publications about the Library

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