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  • World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna,1993

Statement by Special Rapporteur Mr. Bacre Waly NDIAYE - speaking on behalf of Special Rapporteurs and Chairmen of the Working Groups of the Commission on Human Rights (10th plenary meeting, 17 June 1993).

Study on the main types and causes of discrimination (1947)

  • The Economic and Social Council, at its sixth session, requested the Secretary-General (resolution 116 (VI) B):

    “ (i) To organize studies and prepare analyses designed to assist the Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities in determining the main types of discrimination which impede the equal enjoyment by all of human rights and fundamental freedoms and the causes of such discrimination, the results of such studies and analyses to be made available to the members of the Sub-Commission;

    “ (ii) To keep in mind, in connexion with any studies he may make in the fields of the prevention of discrimination and the protection of minorities, the desirability of formulating effective educational, programmes in these fields and to report any findings that might ‘assist the Sub-Commission in making appropriate recommendations to this end.”

The main types and causes of discrimination : memorandum submitted by the Secretary-General. United Nations: Lake Success, New York, 1949 - E/CN.4/Sub.2/40/Rev.1  (Sales no. 1949.XIV.3)

The purpose of this study, which is based upon a broad interpretation of this request to the Secretary-General, is to put before the Sub-Commission data relating to the causes and main types of discrimination, and possible remedies.

It includes suggestions which may be of practical value in undertaking further studies and in making recommendations for the prevention of discrimination. Includes bibliography of  works of various scientists on discrimination reviewed in preparation of this report.


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