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#UNGenevaReads invites you to kick off the new year with a new book!

Why doesn't the world work like it should? How can the world work better?  Author Simon Anholt tackles these tough questions in his most recent book, The Good Country Equation: How We Can Repair the World in One Generationour first #UNGenevaReads selection for 2021.

Read the book with us, and watch the recording of our conversation with author, held on 26 February!

Introductory Video

To kick off our journey, author Simon Anholt has shared with us a special video introduction to his book!

The Book

Where to find the book:

The site includes information about:

 • The Good Country Equation 

• Good Country Index 

• The Good Generation 

• The Good Leader Index 

• Simon Anholt 

• The Global Vote 

On Twitter: @SimonAnholt

Watch Simon Anholt's TedTalk

Book Club Questions/Ideas/Resources

#TheGoodCountryEquation : how entirely possible it is...for most people on Earth to agree...

The Charter of the United Nations and the fight against #COVID19 remind us that "To win, we must learn. To recover, we must work together". Let's continue on our journey of collaboration reading "The Good Country Equation"


 #TheGoodCountryEquation: Awakening to a Stronger Sense of Global Community

Many of us have learned to collaborate more -- and more innovatively -- during the pandemic.  #UNGenevaReads continues our reading about collaboration around the world!

In #TheGoodCountryEquation author Simon Anholt writes:

"The COVID-19 pandemic has been helpful in several ways, even though the human cost has been so great. It has awoken us to a stronger sense of global community than we have felt for generations: simply seeing all the peoples of the world responding in their different ways yet suffering as one, day after day, has brought us to a higher awareness of our connectedness, our differences and our similarities, our shared vulnerability."

Join our reading and our conversation with Anholt:

And in the meantime, enjoy this inspiring example of collaboration that comes from Centro de Informação das Nações Unidas para o Brasil !

#The Good Country Equation: Build Back Better

The United Nations urges action and collaboration to overcome the challenges we face.

As UN Geneva continues to read The Good Country Equation, we are pondering what makes a country good. According to author Simon Anholt, good is the opposite of selfish; a "Good Country" balances its national self-interest and the collective interest of humanity and the planet. How can this help the UN and all of us to build back better?

#TheGoodCountryEquation: I Was Here

Working from home? In lockdown? Missing loved ones and the bigger world? Wherever we are, wherever we are from, we can all still be part of the solution to leave this world a little better. From Mexico to Chile, over Iceland and the Faroes, to Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Bhutan, come with #UNGenevaReads as we travel around the globe reading Simon Anholt's The Good Country Equation.

Need some more inspiration? Remember with us #IWasHereBeyoncé performing at the UN Assembly Hall.

Beyoncé performing at the UN Assembly Hall

#TheGoodCountryEquation: Advice to countries?

#UNGenevaReads continues to read The Good Country Equation, and to consider Simon Anholt's advice to countries:

"The purpose is to find, first and foremost, a helpful and productive role for the country in the community of nations. If the country succeeds in doing this, an enhanced reputation will follow almost as a matter of course."

But how to be creative?

The UN is supercharging ideas for solutions to global challenges in this #DecadeOfAction.

#TheGoodCountryEquation - "Be admirable"

As we continue our reading of the Good Country Equation, by Simon Anholt, we come across this advice for #countries:

"Don't tell them to admire you. Be admirable."

How does your country rank in the #GoodCountryIndex? Check it out at

We invite you to read and discuss with us on how to make countries more admirable and to join us for the online event with the author, Simon Anholt on 26 February.
For more information, visit

Happy reading!

The #UNGenevaReads team

#TheGoodCountryEquation - Questions to consider (Week 1)

#UNGenevaReads is harnessing #hope as we set off on our #WinterRead journey through Simon Anholt's book, #TheGoodCountryEquation.

As we read, we're considering some questions, including those in this video:

  • What is your country for?
  • What is its gift to the world?
  • How can it make a difference to the whole of humanity, not just to its own citizens?
  • And what can you do to make things better?

We'd love to know what you think! Express your thoughts, and find more info: