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Digitized or open access publications related to the history of the League of Nations

UN Historical Series

This series of publications offers a fresh and enlightening look into the history of the League of Nations involvement in social issues. The objective is to contribute to the literature on the history of international organizations and transnational history while also contributing to current dialogues on contemporary United Nations politics and policies in a way that draws upon lessons learnt from its historical predecessor.

A History of the League of Nations / F.P. Walters

My Journey Through the Twentieth Century

Sigurd Hartz Rasmussen, senior assistant in the League of Nations Library from 1931-1940, self-published his memoir in 1986 under the title "My Journey Through the Twentieth Century: Things that Happened, People I Met".

Digitized by Professor Maurice Obstfeld, Department of Economics, University of California, Berkeley, CA.

Published online thanks to the permission of Sigurd Rasmussen's son, Erik Rasmussen.